Tuesday, 21 May 2013

We Love Brighton.com review

‘Dear Melanie… I’m committing suicide-’
Cheer Up, It Might Never Happen is a dark comedy about a middle aged woman named Jean (Maggie Gordon-Walker), and her impending suicide. Jean writes a series of letters to her nearest and dearest, endeavours to make her replacement at work as easy as possible for her bosses and- as she’d hate to cause a commotion when she’s gone- calls the neighbours to let them know they might be needing her spare key.
The play, acted out in it’s entirety by Gordon-Walker, sees a ‘trip to Cornwall’ becoming a gentle and humorous euphemism for Jean’s suicide, as she makes tedious phone calls to neighbours and clients. The play is set in Jean’s flat, as she potters around watering the houseplants, and organises the folders and files that, ironically, she will no longer need after the day is up. Clearly worried that she will inconvenience those around her, she seeks to finish all of her tasks before she will take her ‘trip to Cornwall’ later that evening. Rather than obsessing over how her suicide will ultimately affect herself, Jean’s anxieties only surface through thinking about how her actions might affect those around her, and her altruistic nature is both endearing and humorous throughout.
Cheer Up did an excellent job of being emotionally moving whilst remaining lighthearted, and the play featured laugh out loud moments throughout. The efforts of all involved were clearly notable as the play manoeuvred from beginning to end without a hitch. Well worth seeing.

New Writing South's verdict - Best New Play nominee

'A neat, sweet, sharply observed comedy of everyday frustration in which a put-upon office manager keeps getting interrupted in her meticulous preparations to commit suicide. The writing may be as modest as its heroine, but the strong premise offers a clever twist on farce, underpinned with a touchingly unobtrusive sadness.'

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Hello London!

Following our sell-out run at the Brighton Fringe 2012, we are performing at The Camden People's Theatre from 28-30 June